Of course I’m back with another yeezy outfit! This by far has to be the best outfit post I have done in a while. Remember when I said I was going to start wearing more nude colors? Well this sweater dress really topped off and its perfect for this season! Whenever it get a little bit warmer but not so much so that I have to bring out my summer outfits this will actually be ideal because of the sleeves and the thickness of it. It is not as thick as most winter sweaters but defiantly sits in between! The only down side to this dress would maybe be the versatility of it. I kind of feel like Im stuck with just wearing it with the boots and thigh high socks but thats my fault because I styled it that way and I cannot see myself topping that off.

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The only thing I wish I have done was put my chocker on from forever 21 because I feel like it would have set the mood for the dress and made it seem not too bland and easily styled. The dress is from Forver 21 while the boots are from Burlington! The fact that I was able to get such a great deal still mind boggles me overtime, these were only 40 dollars which is pretty nice for the quality.


And the heel is literally to die for so I know these will probably be my go to. But that might change seeing that they are about 3-4 inches high! Even though I love being model high in these shoes that might be a little bit to much for the everyday seen. I personally think they would be so cute with a pair of jeans and a cute little sweater but I may be getting a little bit too ahead of myself. But that never hurt anybody! You will defiantly see these heels so much because the style is key to a yeezy or grunge outfit



Ill see you guys tomorrow!


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