3 fall trends you need to participate in are the ones that will help you save so much time in the morning/evening. Fall is the time for looking comfy, hands down. But it is also the time to dress your best in the easiest way possible. So here are some fall trends that are affordable and quick to dress up.

  1. Thigh High Boots
  2. Earth Tone Lips
  3. Shades Of Tan

Thigh High Boots


This one is big because they are thigh high boots, the new statement for fall. To me the best thing you can have in the closet for fall/winter is a pair of thigh high boots because they are super comfy and bold. And not only are they bold but their easily bold. I have never seen a outfit with thigh high boots watered down, it just doesn’t happen. Lastly they of course leave one feeling warm and cozy especially if they are comfortable. Mine are personally the Jessica Simpson thigh highs because of the wedge, and these new cute boots I bought from Burlington for only forty bucks, easily a steal. If anything go and buy black and brown ones and not make this mistake with two pairs of black because their needs to be some type of switch up for the season you know?

Earth Tone Lips

Hands down the best trend I have ever had the chance to witness in 16 years of living. Makeup to me is just so heaven sent because its like clothes, but for your face. It can easily make an outfit go from eh to CAN YOU PLEASE PICK OUT ALL MY CLOTHES. And who doesn’t want that?


Shades Of Tan


We all know my struggle with this, but this color is low-key my new favorite. The color tan is almost like brown and orange for this season. It has always been in any fall trend video/blog post ever and can literally complement every single skin tone. This color with any fall color goes insanely well together and can be styled with different shades which is so beautiful, I actually did an example of it in my last post!

What fall trends do you love? Will you try any of these?

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