As many of you guys know my favorite color is pink. And with this season pink is apparently not a “fall color” and honestly I think it is, and if it’s not I am going to make it one lol. This look has a pretty good lip combination and would actually be able to fall into the winter ( and fall ha ha get it?). It features a series of warm colors ( the browns and orange tones). I’m clearly going to show you guys how to do this look and of course leave all the products in different sections for you! Everything in this tutorial is super cheap so don’t worry about price. And if it is needed I will not hesitate to do a dupe post for this products if you need it.

The first thing one has to do is apply flame to the crease. This will be one of the two transition colors. Take the peachy brown color out of 35 f and mix all with flame and all over eye lid. Then take brown color out of the same pallet and apply to the end of the eye lid. Apply coppering with a brush on the middle of the eye lid and blend with the brown color at the end but too to.

I dont know about you guys but starting with the eyes is always the personal reference so that way I won’t mess up my face makeup. Actually no, I always start off with the brows. I stepped away from my max studio powder and pencil and attached LA girls eye brow kit to my wrist.



LA Girl Inspiring Brow Kit Here

BB Creame Here

60 PW contour Kit ( Morphe Brushes) Here

Covergirl Invisible Concealer Here 


Max Studio Mascara

35 F Pallet Here

Forever 21 Liquid Eye Liner



4am Lip Cream Here

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