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Recently for my best friends birthday my whole group and I went to Blue Dog Cafe. You guys know how much of a foodie I am so as soon as she said restaurant I was the first person to say yes. The only down side of that is burger joints are hard to come by that allow vegan/vegetarian options. But to make a long story short they in fact did have a pretty small but good variety of options that allowed you to interchange the patties from chicken, veggie and regular which is amazing! All of the meat and non meat eaters will be really happy with this place, I still dream about it lol.



Good bad and ugly



Blue Dog Cafe is rested in one the most LA part of California ( Sherman Oaks). The drive for me was not that bad and it is pretty easy to find because it stands out from the stores that surround it on the street. You have the option to eat outside where the  tables and area is surrounded by wooden tables and lights or inside where you get the full dark but sporty environment with tables and a bar. Of course my friends and I decided to sit outside because it was so nice and easy accessible for us to take all the selfies and food pics our big hearts can handle.



The food of course is amazing and gives you that home-made feel. But maybe because my stomach is bigger than my eyes I wanted more and left feeling a little bit unstratified and low-key wanting another burger or something. Unlike most veggie burgers that are either really stiff and sponge like or soggy and falling apart. Their burgers were honestly indescribable and just too good for words. Literally the burger tasted better than the picture looks and I feel like that says something.

Even the cookie sandwich was bomb but I wish it was a little bit softer and the ice cream wasn’t melting so much. But its okay because food is food and it was still amazing.

Good Bad and Ugly

Overall I had a wonderful experience. The waiters were so nice and understanding and did not get annoyed with the 15 loud girls and all of our complicated orders. We got amazing pictures, drooled over the food and overall only cost us anywhere from 10-15 dollars for a burger and fries which is a little bit too much but understandable in some aspects. And not to mention they allow dogs which is amazing because her in LA everyone brings their dogs everywhere and I think their was a dog park close by so after a puppy play date you and your pup can chow down! And now back to you, would you visit?

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