I literally have not been to the beach in 10 years. Yes I said it ten years which is absolutely crazy because I am a California native and I literally am an 1 hour sometimes even 30 min with no traffic away from the beach. Mhhmmm I understand if you hate me because I don’t fulfill my opportunities. But I finally decided to break the streak and go. It was a spur of the moment thing so yes I went in the dress I wore in this post and converse. Yup same who else can relate?

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I didn’t go to the beach for a number of reasons mainly because I just hate sand. It literally just gets everywhere but once I got their it didn’t really matter to me because the vibe the beach gives off ( happiness and serenity) that all goes out the window. When you have such a beautiful view in front of you with people smiling and laughing all around why would someone care about sand being in between each cheek. I mean well… eh. And not to mention all the really cute pictures you can get from the beach which is sad because that’s something that I think of but then again I am a blogger, a teenage one at that so are you really surprised? Nah


As soon as I got their though I was such a rush to get into the water I wanted to strip down into my under clothes but I was like nah, thats not cute and theirs too many older people here. So instead my friend and I went dressed head to toe in the water and got drenched from an unexpected wave. But hey at least it created memories lol.

I’ll see you guys next time!

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