There is this trend that I really love doing around this time of year and it is the sweater dress trend. So many celebrities wear it, personally my favorite style icons Arianna Grande and Rihanna. It is just way to comfortable and fitting for the Cali weather to not do it if I am honest. In the morning it can literally be Antarctica while two hours later it feels like you’re in the desert with the sun on you in every direction.

But anyway this look is my go to every year, last time you guys have seen it was in this post that I did last year where I styled it with really cute booties, a scarf and knee highs. And I can say my style has not changed at all not one bit lol! If I could I would style it the same way but I feel like that would be way too boring and of course you guys would not want to see the same outfit post but different times ya know?

This time I decided to keep it simple by not only styling it clothing wise but makeup and hair wise which is something I love doing so much. It seriously puts the whole outfit together and just overall goes hand in hand! The shoes I wore for this look are actually ones that will be featured in a later post this year so please stay tuned! They are super comfortable and cute but I am going to stop now before I give to much of tomorrows post away!


For my hair the whole over night crunched style really took a toll on me this season so of course I am wearing it! Then I also decided to pin my bangs back to keep it out of my face and let my big forehead shine through haha ( low-key can not believe I said that). Before I embarrass my self anymore I’ll end this post here, see you guys soon!

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