Black dresses regardless of the season has always been a clothing article that I am crazy obsessed with. And just like in yesterday’s post you can see how easy it is to dress them up and down. Even though this might not fit the whole winter outfit warmth  look it defiantly fits the whole winter look with the lace up cleavage big belts and thigh high boots and we all know how much I love thigh high boots! The ones I am wearing are in my top three of comfortable but chic boots and these are by Jessica Simpson which makes them such an easy steal!

And as for the belt is from no where other than forever 21 because I am completely obsessed with that store. It seriously a weird obsession. But the piece that I seriously think tied in this whole look would have to be the red lipstick hands down. Makeup seriously has a strong effect over every single look because if it wasn’t for the lips it would be so plain. Don’t you think? Of course the belt may have a big say in it because it is a statement piece but the lips seriously draw my attention. And if you like it the color is 4am by Morphe.

Overall this look is really chic and cute to me. It has little small details that really pull together to make a cute but casual look. And I love this dress because of the little chest lace up in the front that is literally everywhere. Defiantly a winter essential because it’s literally everywhere! And not to mention this outfit is crazy affordable, and I am really sorry but I totally forgot where the dress was purchased….

QOTD What is your favorite color to wear in the winter? And where would you wear todays outfit of the day?

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