The main reason why I joined a photography class was because I knew it would take me to creative heights that were never reached. And with those creative heights come traveling, I’m so obsessed with traveling because the times that are spent in the house are greater than the times that are spent outside of my house. And locations like this seem so small to other people but it makes me beyond grateful that I was chosen to be in the class regardless of the many small things that one might complain about, myself included. So after Santa Monica the next location to attack was Point Fermin. Point Fermin is literally an hour away (31.2 miles) but the view is ten times prettier. Mostly because I shot these pictures in the golden hour but still, these photos beat the others by a landslide. And the face that their un edited make them ten times better because usually after editing, pictures look un indescribably and leave one lost for words. So if the pictures look this good now jus imagine when their edited and if I actually made sure my camera was in focus…..

Between the tiredness of shooting all day and the lack of exposure being so awe struck at the sight infant of me concluded to 100 shots taken in the same area of literally the same thing. This would actually be good if the time was taken to adjust the camera settings but we live and we learn and not stressing over small stuff like this is my specialty. The way the rays of sunlight hit the lens and the ocean really capture the goal every photographer has which is making sure the image is as good as the way you saw it through your eyes.

I literally suck at explaining thing so sorry if you couldn’t understand that but sometimes it is hard to capture the beauty your eye sees. And as a photographer out end goal is to capture that with our mechanical eye.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!









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