It’s that time of the year again where inside and out one can not escape the santa blow ups and reindeer statues. But inside our houses the christmas decorations are even more personal which is why every single year without a doubt I show you guys the Christmas Decorations in the StylishRanter house hold. I don’t know why but I love watching YouTube videos and reading blog post of bloggers showing all their cute decorations around their house and finding out where they bought them so when  can twin next year. And even though I don’t really have a story to go with my christmas decorations the story that goes behind others are either really sweet or undeniably funny.

And these little cuties are from no other place then Target and if you didn’t read the word target like tarje are you really a StylishRanter? The are beyond cute to either have around your house on little tables or to give out small presents in which my family decided to do both. They come in a package and not individually which is pretty cool because they look like the type of decorations that would be over priced if I am honest but their not so you should defiantly pick some up!


And now we are on to the Christmas Tree! This year we mostly focused on the actual small decorations of the tree and not the actual bulbs if that makes any sense so we dug out the cute little flowers and plastic birds and stuff that we put on the tree and it is so adorable. If I am honest it really gives off a 90’s bridal dress vibe. I know thats random but just look at the picture, you can’t tell me that they dont


QOTD – Do you have any Christmas Ornaments/Decorations that you have to put up every year?






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