Friendsmas is the week before Christmas that all of my friends and I are “secret santa” for each other and in the last week of school we give presents to our person that we are given. And in the end we are all shocked and happy with our gifts even though 50 percent of the time the cat is out of the bag the day before every. single. year. lol. But its still fun and defiantly something everyone should try with their friends regardless of your age.This one is my last one for high school and since it wasn’t done last year, I decided to show you guys what I got from my secret santa! And even though Christmas is literally two days away ( which is crazy) this would be perfect last minute/ stocking fillers for whoever you have yet to give gifts for this year.

The first thing I guess Ill talk about are these heavenly scented lotion, perfume and of course body wash. Apparently my friend thinks I am crusty, stinky and overall dirty…

I am totally kidding guys

I am beyond grateful for these because you guys know that I always have to have lotion and perfume in my purse and I literally ran out the week before I was given these which is perfect timing. Literally the definition of perfect timing. And I see this pair in bath and body works all the time but I never tried it out, dont ask why. But this is defiantly in the top five scenes that I will repurchase!

And of course I received candles because candles are literally my favorite thing ever! I seriously love these two scents especially the gingerbread scent one because it just reminds me of christmas morning, french toast and cinnamon! I am completely obsessed with cinnamon by the way so hopefully it is easy to tell how OBSESSED I will be with this candle

Then something else that I have been sleeping with every night since I received my gifts was this bear! It is so fuzzy and cute and  actually used to collect teddy bears so my inner five year old exploded out of me. Wait who am I kidding I am literally five…

And second to last I received books because I was just telling my friend that I really needed to start reading again so she picked out

  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • A Work In Progress
  • If I Stay
  • 13 Reasons Why

So stay tuned for a book review soon everyone! Next we have these super cute fuzz ball key chains similar to the ones you can find in the StylishRanter store, and this oh so cute makeup bag!

Finally we have these face mask that I cannot wait to try because my face is super duper dry and nasty during the winter time so lord knows I need these in my life!

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