Surprisingly every Saturday and Sunday are the days that I reserve to make videos and schedule out blog post and youtube videos,  so that way I can not miss a day when it comes to uploading. And it takes the longest time, for me to get ready and sometimes I don’t know what makeup look to  do which honestly made this video ten times better! So if you like my makeup look for all of last weeks videos and post here is the tutorial on it! And as a for warning I am wearing no makeup right in the beginning so if you eye gets straightened because you looking at my bare face for the first 30 sec I am so sorry and next time I’ll film those beauty guru af intro.


Time Frames
Eye Brows – 00:15
EyeShadow – 01:53
Eyeliner – 03:48
Face Routine – 05:36

And overall hope you guys liked the makeup tutorial because I dont think I ever did a voice over and it was actually pretty funny in this video. And surprisngly the eyeshadow look came out ten times better than expected and I was not expecting the lipstick to totally piece the look together so that will defiantly go in my December favorites.

If you guys want more beauty videos from me just leave a comment because I have so many makeup tutorials/beauty videos recorded but no one understands just how long it takes for these videos to be recorded and edited.

Overall I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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