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My Feelings For 2017

The new year to me can be described in no word other than crazy. Its crazy to think in 364 days I will be a legal adult, its crazy to think that I have officially been on this blog for four years and again it is crazy that I will be graduating high school. To honestly say I am scared is an understatement but I plan to jump into this year head first and reach all my goals that I have and finally start my online clothing store that I have been delaying for years and live the life that I want to live without restrictions!

New Years Resolutions

I try not to set any new years resolution for the fear and overall embarrassment of not reaching them. But like I said I need to start going head first and not being afraid.

Reach 50,000 blog views this year

This may seem crazy because this will literally be 5 times the amount of my stats from last year but I am down for the challenge. And it will help me reach a goal that I have been falling off of all of last year which is a consistent schedule with StylishRanter.

Open a Online Clothing Store

This has been a huge goal of mine for the longest time and now that I will the more time on my hands with me graduating high school soon and starting college. And I will finally learn something I am actually interested in which is fashion marketing. This is also something that I am horrible at, marketing.

Reach My Goals

I know this is such a cliché but I just really hope I reach my goals this year. These two mean the most to me and are defiantly long term. With reaching my goal of this many views it can make my blog strive. Something that also means a lot to me, and with fashion marketing that is a career Ive been wanting to learn about since I was literally five, even if i didn’t know the exact name lol.


I hope you guys like this post and the bloggers that I tag are  Courtney from Courtneys Beauty Box, Anna from Five foot and Fabulous,Victoria from Victoria Lace Ellis , and finally Nicole from Nicoles Beauty





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