New Years eve was by far the craziest time of 2016 and lead to such a beautiful way to start of 2017! Not only did I get my phone stolen and spent half of New Years searching for it, but I literally had to party hop to 3 different parties because either they got shut down or no one was their. But anyways, like always I found out I was going to a new years eve party last minute as well as getting my outfit last minute.

And to make matters even worse it was planned to ran all day of new years eve while also being 40 degrees the whole night. So what does teenage Raven do? She wears this cute but not perfect dress/shirt from a local boutique in La and pair it with these thigh high boots that were only 40 dollars and of course my Ripped deniem jeans that you can buy in my store for only 14 dollars!


I had to of course wear the white because every New Years party that I went to that night had a forced dress code of white and so I was kind of forced into it if I’m honest.

The ripped details is what defiantly saved this outfit from looking ridiculously plain and actually fit the whole party night vibe I had to have going on all night. And for some reason the theme for every single party was white which is really annoying because half way in my outft got dirty. Even though the shoes were cute I defiantly regret wearing them because half way through my feet hurt badly but of course I kept denying it the whole time since the words ” i told you so” is something that I hate to hear from my mom who told me I should probably change shoes

QOTD; But I would love to hear how your New years went and what did you wear?

















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