An instagram baddie is lowkey what everyone inspires to be and I am unashamed to say the style is literally one of my favorites and defiantly what I try to do with my outfits but it never really works out….

Its okay though because we have apps called tumblr and instagram that give me so much outfit inspiration and new things to try. And who doesn’t like new brands and styling? Its fun to step outside of the norm of what you usually wear and copying the whole “baddie” look can help that transition better because it mostly includes outfits that have neautral colors and will complement ones body more. And the key word is complementing, this does no always mean showing more skin. Well at least not in this time of the year because its now 50 degrees outside and no one has time for that.


Even though a crop top would be cute, unless there is a jacket, jeans and boots involved I don’t think that’s a good idea


And its funny because most of the outfits contain just that, crop tops. So during this season it can be pretty hard to find outfit inspiration with it but that’s what I come in. They all feature styles everyone should certainly try out ( double hoodie layering, thigh high boots, highwaist jeans etc)


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