The trend of black timberlands is all over my timeline on twitter and in every ootd post on my favorite fashion bloggers post. And finally and in time for the season I have jumped on the bandwagon. To say the love for these black boots is unconditional is an understatement. Maybe infatuated and obsessed can come close to how my feelings can be described. But hopefully you get the just of it by now. Even though they are kind of heavy, it just takes some getting used to. They go with every single outfit and are on the list of shoes that goes perfect with causal dresses since that is still a trend that everyone loves.

They can be found at any footlocker store, or from the official website but they will be around 180 dollars. Of course the work boots are pricey but trust me these shoes are worth the hype and will stay in the closet for ever. Like previously stated Timberlands are originally work boots for construction workers so Tims can defiantly hold up a little bit of beating from the average person, especially me because I can go ham on a pair of shoes without even trying.

I personally like these shoes ten times better than the black ones because the color black is no visitor in the StylishRanter closet and its nice to have a solid pair of black shoes that are not the traditional converse. Im not bashing converse but chucks can literally go from zero to one hundred real quick. One moment ones sporting a basic but clean form fitting shoe the next minute their dirtier than a  golden retriever on a rainy day. Can I get an a men? Either way black Timberlands are defiantly the shoes of the week so be prepared to see them styled for the next couple of days!

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