Face mask are all the rave and of course I had to jump on to see what I could potentially be missing! As one of my birthday gifts because my friends know me so well, there was a bottle of Freeman Facial Clay Mask and oatmeal and avocado mask laid beautifully in my bag. And yes my body was filled with joy but I was jokingly shady to my friend wondering was my skin really that bad that I needed a task mask?

An avocado and oatmeal is supposed to moisturize overall and “exfoliate” by treating your skin like an adhesive. (yes I had to google that). So basically it makes your face soft and deep cleans your pores. That’s why it’s supposed to do but does it actually work?

After a month of using it I can confidently conclude that although it doesn’t help much with acne, something I have recently experienced on my forehead, chin and sometimes nose, if it is swollen in read it does minimalist it slightly. And since my skin is naturally pretty soft it has made it softer than usual, something I didn’t know was possible.

Even though these were the results for my skin, please know that there are so many different skin types and mine is combination but mostly oily. So this product can have a different result if you have dry or straight combination skin! I personally recommend wearing this mask three times a week or possible less but be sure to have a routine with it so that results can be seen.

Overall for the price the product is pretty good and compared with my face wash it makes me skin look like its glowing! I literally go from looking like an oily doughnut to a Victoria Secret model, I am not even kidding! It’s like a whole new world.

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