I KNOW RIGHT! All the time on amazon I see the suggestion to buy these beauty van brushes and since I won a 25 dollar gift card I added this to the list of things to buy, because why not. Honestly I expected the worse it came to these brushes, the review stated that they were stiff, small, but acceptable for the price.

And honestly the reviews were correct. The shipping overall had me shook to say the latest. I ordered them in the beginning of February, like first week of February and they were expected to come at the end of March. But I was desperate so I bought them anyway, but thank god they didn’t come that late, but instead two weeks later.

I ordered the brushes in rose gold which had me so excited and as you can tell, they aren’t rose gold. Their more like a weird brown or gold. And as for the stiffness of the brush it is evident and clear when you use them. And they don’t blend will what so ever. Then we have the thing that some brushes can have too much of which is shedding. There are only two brushes that I witnessed have intense shedding or a random hair sticking out of them and that was the concealer brush and one of the small eye shadow brushes.


Now that I totally bashes the brushes lets talk about the positives. The shortness  of the brushes honestly don’t bother me at all and their not that much shorter than the typical eye shadow brush from Morphe or Elf. Then even though they don’t blend very well and the set doesn’t come with a blending brush it does pick up color perfectly, because of how stiff they are.

Overall you get what you pay for and I defiantly learned that with these brushes. But on the bright side I just needed precise brushes to apply color, so I am in a decent place with my purchase.

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Yikes! I guess you got the quality of what you paid for. This is appalling but I’m not surprised. I guess It’s not really a loss then?