Being one of the few people who aren’t blessed with thick long hair it does help a lot to find products that thicken my hair and help it grow. So one day as I was grocery shopping I found these dummies by nature bounty that help grow not only your hair but as well as help your skin and stronger nails. And as some of you may know the best way to help grow your hair is take a supplement that has biotin in it. Biotin strengthens your hair and nails when taken orally and actually help with rapid weight loss which is something I don’t have but found pretty interesting.

So let’s get right into the review… does it work?

And to get straight to the point. It does work but it comes along with downfalls and does take a while to work, which precisely is a month. After a month you will see results which is not only longer hair but thicker, stronger and thinner hair. In the order i first noticed that my hair was stronger, than thicker and lastly it was growing at a more rapid pace.

And as a person that wears a lot of protective styles such as braids, once I take those braids out the shedding after taking these gummies went down significantly so if you have naturally curly hair and you wear a lot of protective styles, please take these dummies because they will help so much.

Now what about the downfall of it all? For me being a teenager with my hormones flying everywhere. Surprisingly acne was not a trouble thing for me. But after taking these dummies it was. And to fix it i defiantly had to update my skin care routine and drink even more water than before. So the first downfall that I have noticed is the increase of acne.

So basically the dummies do work, they taste really good even though when i first bought them their was a lot of flower or something in the dummies that made them hard to chew like their was a bone or something in them. But after a month you will see progress but also an increase in acne!

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