The 35o pallet has been all over blogs, instagram pages and youtube videos for months, so of course I had to join the hype and purchase the pallet. For only 22 dollars you get 35 shadows with a mix of both shimmer and matte shades. The warm tone pallet drew the attention of consumers interested in beauty everywhere.

I personally bought it because I loved the color pallet and seriously needed to branch away from my 35f pallet, this pallet was a step up. And from using most of the shades, secrets we reviled that most influencers kept behind the scenes. Fallout. Something that bothers some and doesn’t affect most. But it can be annoying if you’re not someone who does their eye makeup before doing their face makeup. So if it annoys you just know that the fallout is pretty bad in some of these shadows, but nothing but a swipe of a brush can fix it.

Right behind fallout there is a beautiful shadow which is pigmentation. We all have to admit the best shadows have fallout, the main reason why it doesn’t bother me as much. As a person of color, these shades easy appeared on my skin tone with and without a primer. But I still suggest using a primer only because it helps everything blend even better, and longevity…. duh

And most of all, as a person who is on a strict budget and soon to be in college. This pallet is all you need and can last you a while. Because of the mix of shimmer and matte its easy to make an everyday look as well as a going out look. So is the pallet worth it hell yes! The only downfall is seriously just the fallout of the shadows, and if I can think of one more negative, maybe that not all of them are fantastically pigmented, but I don’t think I ever had a shadow that was bright and showed a fantastic color first swipe.

Overall the 35o pallet although isn’t perfect, it is worth it!


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