I promised myself that I would never make a blog help post because I felt as if it wasn’t my place. Then I realized that anyone can do it, regardless of how consistent I post I am still a blogger who has been doing this since 2014. And in that time so much has changed in my strategy especially recently. Keeping a blog isn’t just writing post and publishing them it’s so much more.


When I first started out until up to recently, its 2017. My biggest problem was consistency, until one day I started writing and couldn’t stop. Then I realized that there are certain post that I want up every month. So once I started writing, and had about 20 post knocked out and ready to go, creating the schedule was easy. So that’s the secret, write whenever you want and save the post, and then when your ready, schedule them to be posted.


Figuring Out Posting Schedule and Consistency

But that’s another thing. When do you post? It literally took me four years to figure out when to post when  in reality it shouldn’t have taken me about three months if that. But why three months? Well first determine how long it takes you to make a quality post, meaning 300 words or more, quality hd pictures, post with the correct grammar or at least spelling, paired with a perfect word to picture ratio. Once you figure that out alternate days to post on. Start off with Monday Wednesday and Friday, then go to Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, and also post on Sundays. If you keep your post having the same subject it will be easy to see on what days your blog natural has the boots in views. And on those days you post. That’s how you figure it out. Theirs no magic number or minimum or maximum just follow the days your blog natural spikes. That way its guaranteed that your post will reach the maximum number of people to see and you’ll be fine!


Now What Do You Like?

But before all of this know what your blog is about, that way its easier to have something planned. For example, I am more of a fashion/beauty blog. And since I know that content should be up three times a week this process became so much easier. Every month I sit down and say okay Raven there are 30 or 31 days in this month meaning that I have to post between 12- 15 post up. Now here is where series come in, but do something that you like so its easy. For example my series that I love doing are This months favorites, Dear Raven, this months goals and of course my outfit of the day post. Well right there that’s 8 post that are out-of-the-way because that s at least one ootd post a week, two Dear Ravens a month, and one this months goals and favorites. Everything else comes naturally like the reviews, and other fashion post because it happens in my life. Ultimately that what blogging is, talking about your life! This post for example came naturally because I wanted to talk about how I managed my blog so easy and fast, so that’s one out of twelve post for this month out-of-the-way.

Pictures, The Make or Break

Now what about the pictures? For me I didn’t realize the importance of pictures until I lost my camera, it just kept getting hard from their. So quickly I learned to take pictures everyday just to have for certain post. These are called stock photos. All the time I take sky pics, pictures of my makeup and etc, so this was that hard. But when it comes to outfit pictures have a friend take them while your out, or have a specific day for you and your tripod. That’s the key to all of this, planning. So if you like me and post twelve times a month I would recommend taking 30 stock photos for this month which is more than enough.


This is the most important step that I skipped so much, why I don’t know? Actually I do, it because of laziness. But that has to be cut cold turkey if you want your blog to prosper. Editing especially if you have a WordPress should be the easiest because theirs a spell check right above u. ( the abc with a check below it button) So using that can help with the spelling. And as for making sure your sentences make sense, read them out loud, it seriously does help.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 6.55.00 PM

Then we have editing pictures, this part isn’t hard just time-consuming because once u take the picture its perfect, but theirs so much one can do for editing. So honestly I would take one day out of the week or just in your pass time to edit the pictures, every computer has picture editing software on the preview application. It might not be the best but it’s there. And if you don’t like it use your smart phone or even pic monkey!

Overall all of this should be plain and simple, at least when it comes to writing the post lol. The whole marketing side is another story. But now that I mastered this art, the consistency on my blog has become so much easier!

Hopefully this helped!


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