It took me three days to finish 13 reasons why. The Netflix show that talks about how High School really is in a certain degree. There are so many truths that I feel as if every teenager girl/guy can relate to. I admit that thre had high hopes from the show because it was all I heard about the whole month of April, it was supposed to leave me off my seat with every episode. But with Clay taking literally the whole season to read all the tapes it got kind of boring and only left me with so many questions and wanting more at the 10 episode.

I feel like everyone likes thirteen reasons why not only because it was executive produced by Selena Gomez, but because it’s one of the only shows that captures what it’s like to go to High School and what teenagers really see without it being too over dramatic. It talks about really scenarios that some people witness or have friends that witness in high school and even college ( depression, bullying, rape, loosing and gaining friends) literally everything high school is really about. Thought the whole season even though it bored me a little because of how dragged out it was, I couldn’t help but relate to the main character Hannah, and see some of my friends in Jessica, Alex and Clay. It touched me in that way. Hannah struggles to make friends or at least have real ones after her friends Cat left the summer before sophomore year, she met a boy that she thought she can trust only for him to send an inappropriate picture out to the whole school that made it seem like something happened that didn’t. From there on out it was a series of lies being spread about her from boys, people she thought was her friend or was her friend until the rumors started to include them or ruin their “reputation”.

Thirteen reasons is ABOUT a girl name Hannah that commits suicide. These reasons are recorded on 13 tapes and are meant to be passed along to all of the people on the tapes, but through the show we are with Clay a guy that she used to know as he goes along and listens to these tapes as they are passed to him. It’s based off of the book 13 reasons why which I have yet to read.
The actors and actress were amazing, especially when this is just one season and usually the first season is when actors take to really adjust to their character. I feel like they really put the whole story together especially how they directed to switch between the past and present so well. And I also love how they tied every episode together without it being too complicated. I defiantly recommend it because

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