When I first looked up what the Met Gala was to get a deeper understanding of how outrageous the looks should be, the “shookness” would be an understatement for a reaction. It took one good search to find out that it is an annual fundraising event. To my belief, every year there is a theme and all over social media people were in disbelief at a number of celebrities that actually followed that theme. And after taking a look at all the outfits that were served that evening, I came to a conclusion to who dresses best that night.


Of course, RIRI slayed, when doesnt she?


Jayden Smith

Who would have thought to cut off your hair and bring it to the Met ?ala. Can we also talk about the gril, shaved blonde hair, and eye-catching ring on his pinky? Even though it was an all black Louis Vuitton fit, it still played as a classic



Zendaya came walking down like a ray of sunshine in this bright Dolce & Gabbana parrot dress. And I literally praise young Zendya for rocking her afro and this bold lip, YAASS GIRL REPRESENT!


Nicki Minaj

No Nicki was not put on this list because I am obsessed with her but because the length and color of her dress were different from the others, and those shoes are to die for!


Zoe Kravitz

This Gown by Oscar de la Renta caught my eye not only because of the flare behind her but because of how entrancing the pink fabric is.


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