The Perfect Liquid Highlighters

LIQUID highlighters are used for that natural glow for a daily makeup look. They made their way into my ” no makeup makeup routine” and trust me they are never leaving. To fit my skin tone but still give me that small glam I love and adoure I use this gold highlighter.
Now what is the price for these two sizes? Between 5-10 dollars at They give me that natural glow that hits the sun in the most perfect way and for the price it’s defiantly something to pick up before the owner comes to their senses.

But how do u apply them? Well after I do my typical foundation routine I grab a damp sponge and put in work. First shake the bottle efficiently to make sure the product is evenly distributed. Then because this LIQUID is crazy pigmented the smallest drop is taped on the sponge then I blend away on my cheekbones, dot of my nose and up the bridge.
In under five minutes I have the loudest highlight without using a tone of power and setting spray! 

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