Korean BBQ is the ONe thing that has never bothered me to immediately try. Not only because I did not even know exactly what it was but being a pescetarian of 3/4 years I’m immediately trained to cringe. What is their even for us to eat at a regular barbecue other than BBQ beans and the potatoe salad? But that’s besides the point.

So you walk into the restaurant and you immediately get a burst of energy when you walk in and not because of billboards top 40’s playing in the background but because the customer service is amazing. I walked in blind because I wasn’t sure if ” this is place where they make the food intront of you” or if it was just another food restaurant that I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything at. The first thing they ask is if you have ever been to the restaurant before which is a relief because I don’t know about you guyys but I always feel annoying if I don’t know what to order when first waking in.

Rating 2.5/5

Our waiter walked us through what everything was and how to cook our food and of course what would go best with what. All of this was such a relief by the way and defiantly helped. If you haven’t guessed by how much I love this restaurant the food was amazing! And the service was A1. Even when the brat came out of me and I started complaining my mother how there was nothing for me to eat other than shrimp, a waiter came over saw my distress and immediately tried to help me combine some of the food to make something fullifing which is the best.

Now let’s talk prices. Literally you pay maybe 15 dollars and you can get as much meat, “toppings” and the salad that you heart desires but only for two hours so don’t get too crazy. It’s amazing! So this is defiantly the go to place if your on a budget but still want to go out. 

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