Finding a prom dress HANDS down has to be the most important/ stressfull moment of any high school girl that cares. SO of course it was left until the literal week before my prom night!

Dragging my mom downtown to find a dress for a cheap price was finally done this day. And spoiler alert the dress was anything but cheap which made my mothers wallet cry and my eyes go even wider ( I didn’t know that was possible either). After a long walk and a lot of convincing to not stop for food we made it into this gorgeous dress shop that had prom dresses to make everyone’s eyes water.
Of course a lot made me turn my head but not that many that made me say this is the one! and trust me I was not going to get a dress that didn’t make me want to tear up. 
After finding out that my inspiration prom dress picture was not going to be found, then later having the good angle and bad angle on my shoulder telling me to and not to steal a girls prom dress that was on hold I seriously started to give up. But then I found two dresses, one was really big and out there which is what I didn’t really want, while the other hugged my body but still continued to be different from the others my classmates were wearing. 

We went upstairs to try on the dress and as soon as I put my second choice on I wanted to cry. This ball gown was beyond gorgeous and made me not want to take it off. Floor length, comfortable with amazing detail I could not put the dress down. The customer service was amazing, our guy helped me with the corset, taught us how to do it, gave us shoe and makeup suggestions and pointed where to go and even offered to steam my dress right there.
Overall for only trying on two dress I was so happy with the result and couldn’t ask for a better experience honestly!

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Beautiful dress!! Love the detailing.