Thursday June 22nd 2017 was the first day that I went to a concert. Hands down it was the best concert I have ever been to and even thought it was crazy packed and I was trampled multiple times it was the best time ever!

Every Thursday Santa Monica has a free concert and because Kahlid was preforming of course I had to go! So my day started off when I got to Santa Monica at 9 or 10 in the morning. I heard there was a big line so I had to get to the pier really early where I heard there was a line already. I get to the actual pier and I see no sign of a line after walking back in fourth for only ten minutes. Then I finally walk up to the someone and ask them where the convert was going to be and he quickly was like it’s over there, um rude! But I underhand that I was probably the millionth person that asked. I walked around the venue looking for a line and after asking they said that there wasn’t a line. After searching for a little bit more I ask a two girls who were HE sweetest people ever and we go looking with each other. 

We ask the sound guy and he doesn’t know and that’s when one of the girls ask someone and they point us to where the line was outside the venue. The place was literallt empty and filled with a couple of lost people, little did I know that was the emptiest I was ever going to see that area. I make friends and find out that they drove hours to get here and there besties. We walk towards the line and it is crazy long I could not stop saying how ridiculous it was. It went from outside the venue all the way down the muscle beach. About 20 minutes later after learning the true girls were between the age of 19-21 I found out that they are also waiting for there friends, and we both thought that the gymnastic practicing were hot af but bound to face plant anytime. After a couple of minutes of waiting for my friends to come they finally did and THEY BROUGHT ME FOOD such good besties. My friend denise decided she wanted to go hang on one of the tallest monkey bars only to get down and sit like a normal person.

Somehow we go to the front of the line later on in the day and sit down because later in the day people that just get there sit down on the front steps not caring that people have been waiting for hours. So my friend and I decided to sit down and wait her as well because it wasn’t fair that all these people just sat down in the front of the line and I’ve been here since 9 in the morning. Well it wasn’t just me who thought it wasn’t fair because a group of girls started being rude and telling us to move and then people on the other side of the line were telling everyone on the side I was on ( the tude girls included) to move. Honestly everyone was just mad. It took for one of the rude girls to tell security for them to make a whole new line for everyone and to get this place a little bit more organized.

At this moment it was just me and nia together and then regina and Justine start coming over to see what is happening because this whole thing was just a hot mess. At the end we were all moved to a new line where we stood for another hour or two until denise needed a root beer float.

Later a whole bunch of commotion happened happens and everyone that it was kahlid coming to see the crowd. So naturally regina, Justine and me leave to go see what is happening and if it was really him. We’re all running around and so was half of the crowd and then next thing you know we are all mushed into a big crowd all over again. It was crazy! We literally weren’t able to move, we were pushed around like sardines in those little containers. We couldn’t even breathe and we were all sweaty because we were all back to front skin touching and everything. I can’t even explain how compressed we were. Next thing we know were all getting pushed around again, my bag Is coming off and I think this is the point where I was separated from my friends. So we find out that there letting people in, and checking bags people are passing out and leaving The line and of course pushing. Another hour passes by and the let us in the venue where regina and Justine and I are finally reunited ( and it feels so goood).

Other than those events and al the crazy drama the whole concert experience was phenomenal. Khalid danced and sang his ass off and seriously connected with the crowd on a personal level. The people that weren’t smoking weed in such a cramped space were amazing and so open and I have never felt so accepted in my life. Defiantly one of the best moments in my life

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