banana powder is definitely a makeup most have. I mean it’s in every single makeup Instagram video! But there is such thing as a bad banana powder, but how would you know. Well, sis, it can be divided into a couple of factors, flashback, creasing, overall finish and wear time. These powders are supposed to be perfect in an all of these categories while also being worth the price, and with the money that we are spending they better be. So after a couple of months of having morphes banana powder that retails for nine dollars I think it is finally time to do a review!



Like previously stated I had this powder for MONTHS. Ever since the Phame Expo to be exact because that is when I bought it. This powder is supposed to “set your makeup with a flawless finish while controlling shine and extending wear time [ and of course] leaves the skin looking airbrushed without caking or adding texture” well that is according to morphes website. And for the most part, it does a good job with that, but I have yet to notice an extend in wear time… As for the airbrushed look it solemnly all depends on the moisturizer and foundation that is combined with this powder.

Rating 2.5/5


This product still fails the most important question when it comes to baking powders as well as setting powders which I would not recommend using this product for. The flashback is horrible with this product. Straight up looks like there is baby powder in the areas that have the powder. But it is good if you have an orange undertone because it does not give a yellow tone, thank the heavens above!

As for baking if you have oily skin, this is the product for you! I find when I apply this my oily spots ( around the nose and forehead) do not look like an oily doughnut at the end of the day. Which is important to me because the oil on my skin literally looks like I glazed my face at the nearest doughnut shop, no exaggeration.

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