First sound sounds nothing like xxx but more like Ed Sheeran. But am I surprised, no because he’s vocals kick in two seconds later where he’s talking about how he dug a grave for him and his girl? But I still kick with it. And he even shows that he has vocals. But I have to admit any second I expect the beat to drop and here something like I have heard on the radio. It’s not a bad song just not expected from his last it and not something to blast to get hype…..

Rating – 3/5

He’s talking about how he can’t blame her for being afraid because he has done some pretty messed up stuff and he also can’t say that he was perfect. Then says that the world is messed up and he would be too if he acted on his revenge. Which is very true and surprisingly poetic ( I just have small expectations from him if you couldn’t tell). Overall a pretty sentimental song about an abusive relationship so definitely listen..

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