who would have known that blackbear and Mike Posner would have done a collaboration album together? Granted at the time I am posting this all of their fans did, but let’s just pretend that it just came out yesterday, yeah? Not only did they do a whole album or ep together (forgive me I still don’t know the difference). But they even have a whole group name together, “mansionz”. And no I have no idea what the meaning behind that is. Now let’s get into the review, shall we?

Rating 3.5/5

To get it out of the way, I love the song. Not only does it keep the blackbear vibe that is completely SoCal at night time. But including Mike Posners whole flow and vibe that I haven’t heard since his single Cooler Than Me wasn’t a bad turn. It added something new to the song while also combining their two styles without separating the song. They found the medium that differed their types but united them in a way that had us completely understanding why they collab and got along.

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