This song hands down has been on my playlist and on the radio non-stop since it has come out. If you haven’t heard this song where have you been? It’s the perfect mix of any Tumblr af artist like blackbear and trap music. That’s the best way I can describe it… Its not bad but definitely new and leaves me excited to see where his music goes from here. This to me is a step away from what Lil Uzi usually does. Not because of the low-key depressing music but the unique mix of beats and sounds, that’s definitely what drew me in, to be honest. But again can we talk about the lyrics one more time?

Rating 4/5

I completely understand the whole artistic meaning of it. The songs about relationship issues and drugs and lowkey dips into a mental disorder while simultaneously showing the depths a relationship can quickly push you too. Quite a lot for one song. But I love how it holds meaning without sounding too crazy and deep.

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