Who wouldn’t want 10 pairs of lashes for 10 cents? Of course, I picked up these Laimeng lashes even if it was risky, but for 1 penny per set, I’ll take it.

So at first glance, the sight of Laimeng lashes with all that space may be frightening. But honestly, it did not denounce the look at all, in my opinion. They definitely look like Ardell’s demi lashes which are amazing because of it ten dollars for less than half of the cost of their lashes. What more can a girl as for?


Now, are they everyday lashes? If you’re looking for natural these aren’t the ones. But do they add a little something without being too over dramatic? Defiantly. The one thing that can be changed about theses lashes is the band because they are soo long. And that’s saying a lot because usually, my lashes come a little bit short. I did find that helpful though because sometimes my lashes lift in the corner, ( no matter what technic I use) and when this happened with these you couldn’t even tell because the band was clear. Other than that the lashes are comfortable and definitely a steal.

Let us talk about the shipping, shall we? Of course, it could be improved ( business days) but in my opinion, it’s completely worth it. And the price for shipping was not bad at all (1.98). With all this being said, I would, of course, I would repurchase these lashes but in bulk, maybe 5 at a time, not only because they are bomb but more and more people are finding out and I do not want these lashes to raise in price!

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