Recently I bought a bikini off of amazon for five dollars. The main fears that came up was one, was the purchase a waste, will the bikini fit, quality? and is it see through? For starters after wearing this bikini for a week for a road trip the purchase was not a waste. It held up and was very comfortable. And for the price it is nothing one can beat and can defiantly be compared to a bikini one would pay 20 dollars for. The fit? It could have been better.

The top could have been tighter while the bottom fit perfectly, they are supposed to be cheeky so if that s not your tea this is not your purchase. In all the way it fit on my body made me pretty confident and I love how it looked against my skin tone. The quality wasn’t cheap at all but the only thing that could be changed was the top because of the fit. But seeing that this is from China and for less than ten dollars, a consumer would be lucky for that to be the only problem with the swimsuit.

The shipping was crazy though, nearly a month to get deliver on my mail box. In all this purchase can be rated as a four stars because of the shipping size and fit! If you want to purchase this bikini click here!

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