One of the many things that I love doing is cooking. Mainly because me deciding to become vegetarian when I was in middle school meant that I was on my own for meals. So six years later mixed with a  dash of trial and error I have a couple of meals and little lunch recipes up my sleeve. And honestly at this point I can make a recipe book which I kind of want to do to be honest… but thats going to have to wait.

If you ever had those nights where you are terribly hungry but their is nothing in the fridge but milk, eggs, condiments, and a few other random things. You will completely appreciate this post.







Soy sauce

Essenes sauce


Bell peppers

And of course tofo

!!Lets Get Started!!

So the first thing we’re going to do is make fried rice which is ten times easier than it seems. Simply make scrambled eggs, then set it to the side, chop up the vegetables and set it to the side, then coat a pan with oil wait for it to get hot then dump the rice into the pot, careful to get the oil that’s in the pot all over the rice.

Tofo and veggie prep

In a bowl I added small cut veggies and tofo, seasoned it with seasoning salt, saracha powder, chicken seasoning, paprika, and a little bit of garlic salt.

Then whenever everything is ready (10min of cooking). Start to add the eggs, vegetables, and tofo. But because I didn’t pre cook my todo, after ten minutes of the rice on its own I added then tofo. ( cooked for another 10 min) then added what was previously stated as well as the soy sauce and a teaspoon of sesame sauce.

In all I let this cook for 45min or until the rice didn’t stick and I was done!

Now for the wrap which was pretty easy. Simply I grabbed a red tortilla ( Lil bit spicy) coated it with smashed avacado then simply added the “fried rice” and some romain lettuce in the wrap. Finally the food was to say the least….wrapped!

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