Honestly , I don’t think anyone is going to find/develop their true friends in high school. Life has too much trial and error that makes someone a real friend that most high schoolers can’t experience. For example, my two best friends in the whole entire world, and I mean the two chicas that know everything….Jenae and Lesly. Yes i know that there’s a chance this might change with time but I honestly don’t think so, I seriously can’t imagine my life without them even though that sounds hella cheesy.

Some long time readers may know Lesly from this post. But we have honestly gone through so much since then it’s crazy. And out of all the people I thought I would keep up with outside of high school I didn’t know if Lesly and I would make it. That might be harsh but it’s the truth. But like I said earlier I can’t imagine not having lezzle in my life. She’s one of the few people who I listen to about everything, she motivates me, guides me and pushes me to be better and hopefully I do the same with her because I want nothing but the best for this girl. Hopefully I’m there when the even better experiences hit her life because guess who will be there cheering her on!

Then we have Jenae, oh where can i start with this loser. We have so many heart to heart moments, inside jokes and times where we just text either gifs back and forth. We’ve seen each other every single day in high school and it wasn’t until after I left we’ve gotten closer and I mean so close we can guess what each other did in a day without a small little hint. It’s crazy because we went from going days without talking to having to talk to each other every single day, even if it’s just sharing stupid instagram post.

So back to why I think that real deep friendships can’t be found and connected in high school. Absents makes the heart grow founder and unlike high school you’re not forced to talk to your “friends”. When one graduates the people in your social circle are people who WANT to be there and people you want to be there. Nothing is forced. Every single day I don’t force myself to talk to Jenae, and I don’t force myself to talk to Lesly either, it just happens because i miss them or i see something that reminds me of them or something we would both laugh at.

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