Everyone and their mom wears face masks. At least one is in everyone’s skin routine rather that be a homemade one, or a store-bought item. But this one that I’m reviewing, is from Target. Now some people immediately shut down face mask that aren’t 20 dollars and more but when I say this face mask is hands down the holly grail, you have to believe me.


Lets start with what it does. Pores be pure starts to unclog pores as soon as it touches your skin. It’s a mud mask so as well as unclogging pores, it absorb oils, smooth wrinkles and tighten skin as the mud dries. Thats what its supposed to do, but did it succeed?

I have a pimple on the side of my face and it completely dried that spot up! As well as my nose.So I quickly concluded that it really dries up the overall very oily areas on my face (nose, forehead and blemishes) while mediating everywhere else. Which I wasn’t really expecting. It takes about 15 min to dry but when it does your face becomes very tight. Also while the product is on your face it low-key burns. It doesn’t burn in a bad way but it defiantly feels like your pores are getting throughly clean.

After about an hour or two of wearing this mask I do find that my skin has a little glow to it. Everyone loves a queen with a glow! But then again I find this happens when I use face mask that are comparable to face mask. Theres something about the mask drying out the overly oily zones on my face, and then only taken enough for my cheeks to have a glow. “Simply fascinating!”

With all of that being said I defiantly love this product. Defiantly give it a 7/10 because it cleans out my pores from the inside out. But I defiantly feel like it can go even deeper. It’s defiantly one of the products I put on if I slept in my makeup the night before tho. It just feels like it’s not getting deep enough.

Would you try Pores be pure?

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