Recently, this really nice 88 matte colored pallet from BH cosmetics made its way into my collection. Yes thats right, a 88  matte color pallet. But thats not even the most shocking part of it. The matte pallet was less than 20 dollars! Don’t believe me check for yourself. But the main concern with this pallet was of course pigmentation. That was a huge concern because if you look at the reviews on the pallet. Most tell how the pallet doesn’t have that much pigmentation and the colors are chalky. Then with that price from a brand thats not as known, raises some red flags. But this up and coming brand may knock us out our seats.

Now to answer your questions, were the colors chalky? Defiantly not all of them. Only about five colors in the pallet. And as for pigmentation, its defiantly there especially in the colors you’ll least expect it. It defiantly left me shook. The only bad thing that can be said about this pallet is the fall out and that the colors aren’t really matte… Which is weird but I’m not complaining not one bit. Its not a complete shimmer but there are still hints of it in the most of the colors.

Now as for that fallout, its crazy. As soon as my brush hit the pink and orange shadows it was noticeable. But this was kind of expected, so wear a powder under your eyes when applying.


Overall, this 88 matte pallet is not bad at all. Defiantly amazing quality for the price. But that’s another thing I can complain about, the price. It’s kind of annoying when I visit the site and the price fluctuations and then get dramatically lower than what was paid. On Cyber Monday this pallet was 12 dollars or more I believe? And now its 9 dollars! Thats a small difference but defiantly unheard of in the makeup world.

Finally, I would defiantly recommend this pallet. The last downfall is that their isn’t as much range of color as their should be. Where are the orange? Yellow? Browns? I feel like there just too much repeated colors. All of that aside its still a steal and I defiantly recommend.

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