Guys I am so happy! Todays marks the last day of my first semester of college! Thank you, thank you, hold the applause. But no seriously, so over joyed at the moment. This semester was rough okay! The only thing I learned this semester was, time management and to take school seriously. This is not high school! Everyone says it, but no one really knows until its lived

I’m defiantly going to take the time to write a full post on tips and advice for freshman. This period has just been wild to say the least. I defiantly waited until the last-minute to buckle down and I regret it so much! Everything was so had this week (finals). The only class that I am completely confident in is college studies. Going from worrying about one class to worrying about 3/4 classes, let me shook. Of course I passed ( I hope) all of them but I was really rooting for no C’s at all this semester. This doesn’t matter though, because if your taking a pre req class that’s all you need. But its good to shoot high you know?

Honestly, I just made the rookie mistake of getting too comfortable. My classes were too easy. Teachers constantly collected the work a week or two late, the material was going to slow etc. But it was all for a reason! After I realized the pattern I stopped caring and that’s when everything went bad. Suddenly the assignments that I did on time but weren’t collected were due out of no where. The pace of classes got fast real quick, and time slipped past me. Before I knew it, I was on the ” what if” portion of the class portal, figuring out the lowest grade to get on the final.

To say the least, Im defiantly taking the L this semester. Now that I think about it, this experience can be perfectly described as a roller coaster. The anticipation is great, all sweaty and nervous holding on to dear life, but happy at the same time. Then the first dips comes and it wasn’t bad at all! What were you worrying about? Next, the second dip comes and catches you off guard, and unexpectedly the roller coaster is going 100 miles per hour and its over. It was all fun and games until you have whip flash, your hairs all over the place, and your pretty sure there’s a second heart attack coming.

But in the end, Im soo happy its over. Two weeks of peace and then its going to be back to the same old routine. The real question is.. did I learn from my experience? I don’t know, well see next semester



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