The obsession with army pants is so real. But these are crazy comfortable and at the amount of bagginess, that stops between fashionable and comfy. Because who says we have to compromise? The best thing about this whole outfit is that I looked like a bratz doll. Now, some people may say that it’s an insult but I used to be OBSESSED. LIKE, MORE THAN ARMY PANTS! So any time people point that out, its accepted and greatly appreciated.


Now if you follow me on Instagram you know that smiling in my pictures is an ultimate goal for 2018.

I need to smile in my pictures more. A persons smile is the most beautiful thing you know? And we don’t really see that anymore in people pictures

Am I wrong? People are all about the straight model face and its getting kind of annoying you know? But everyone can do them but please say ” CHEESE” once in a while. I miss the beautiful smiles…


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