This past christmas I was blessed with a new camera. An upgrade was needed for three years now, and it was finally gifted! After having the camera for a while now and using it almost daily I started to get an idea of it. Enough of an idea and use to give a full detailed review!


So many people say that this camera is perfect for beginner and millennial’s that want a camera for Instagram. It’s basally being called one up from an iPhone. Honestly that is such a downplay for this camera! The only difference between dslr cameras and regular point and shoots is the control and add ons. For example additional lenses, adjusting the type of iso etc. So I done know why everyone thinks that dslr cameras are so heaven-sent. They seriously need to be taken off such a high pedestal when it comes to other cameras.

That being said, this camera is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to over pay for a camera. It comes with two lenses, a camera bag. And of course the regular standard items a camera comes with

Check out the review on Youtube!

This canon t6 is perfect! The price is amazing, the lenses are perfect for beginners and the quality is defiantly something to die for. The only thing wrong with the camera is the auto focus. The only reason why I wouldn’t recommend it for you tubers that really need that in your videos. And as for the focus its pretty easy to get a hang of.


This canon T6 is used not only for stylishranter pictures but for my youtube videos and blogs as well. So if the quality has went up drastically on my channel that is why! Even though it did at first its starting to not bother me that much that the camera doesn’t have a flip screen so I can see myself. After a couple of uses you start to get an idea if you’re in focus or not and it can quickly be changed with a little twist of the lens.

But that’s in manual. In auto that’s a whole nother story. The focus is really loud and doesn’t always catch the object. It takes a couple of tries which can be very distracting. So after a while it wasn’t being used. Secondly this isn’t really a complaint for the t6 but mostly for canon i general. They seriously need to make it easier for people to connect the camera to their computer/phones. Its 2018 and this camera was only made two years ago.

Making it easy for people to connect it to their phones will not only boost their sells but make the costumers ten times easier. When filming makeup tutorials I can’t use the app because live view is only available with photos. Which i think wasn’t the brightest idea you know.


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