Respect Kanye West??

People forget that celebrities are human no matter how cocky they are. *cough* *cough* kanye west Half of the time I think his self absorbed personal is fake and meant to be a joke. That being said I don’t think everyone else thinks the same way seeing that he got a petition signed against…

Mid Spring

So spring is basically here and it is getting hotter than ever, especially in California. It is in that annoying part of the year when it is so cold in the morning but really hot when 12 a clock runs in. This part of the year is such a struggle because you have to carry…

2015 Shoe WishList

2015 Shoe WishList by hipster102 on

Saint Laurent Fall Collection Inspiration

Saint Laurent Fall Collection Inspiration by hipster102 featuring vintage silver jewelry Christopher Kane sheer top $565 – Vero moda blazer $60 – Balmain black mini skirt Wolford black shimmer tight Yves Saint Laurent black lace-up boots $1,240 – Yves Saint Laurent bangle bracelet set Yves Saint Laurent vintage silver jewelry $1,065 – Yves Saint Laurent feather…

A Little Bit Too Casual

A Little Bit Too Casual by hipster102 on