Red and white roses

I haven’t worn my jersey in a while and I have no idea why. It’s really loose and fitting and most of all it complements my skin tone pretty well, not to mention it’s pretty big on me making it 10x more comfortable.           

Another typical day goes by that I’m being dragged to leave my house. *eye roll*. Honestly if I’m not going to the movies with my friends ( just to eat the popcorn, because who cares about a summer body right?) I don’t like leaving, I would rather just scroll through tumblr or instagram looking for inspiration. That should change tho…

Growing season

I don’t know what it is, but I’m really loving the all white look.         


If you been here on my blog since December, when I started, you know that I absolutely adore floral!! I cannot live without floral it is perfect; floral is life. And now that it’s spring I just have a completly, unquestioned excuse for why I wear it in almost every post. So sorry if you…