Dear Raven Part 001

I was scrolling through my old blog post and I seriously missed how I literally used to write to you guys about everything and anything. So at the end of each week there will be a blog post that has an entry for ever day o the week explaining how I feel and the juicy… Read More Dear Raven Part 001


How I Style Blue Jeans

Hello Everyone! I always wanted to do a how I style blog post for the longest time ( don’t ask me why lol). So I am really happy that this post is finally being released! This “lookbook” will have so many cute and affordable looks ranging from comftorable, out with friends, cute and girly, an… Read More How I Style Blue Jeans


Kanye Inspired Outfit

So many people have a love hate relationship with Kanye West but honestly I kind of love and admire him a little. He speaks his mind even though no one understands him, then to top it off his style is so futuristic. Even though I don’t understand it sometimes he is always on to something… Read More Kanye Inspired Outfit


My Favorite Accessories

  Hello Guys! Todays post is a collaboration with Anna from Five Foot and Fabulous an amazing blogger that is full with personality and I love her style and her personal lifestyle post! It is so cool that I am collaborating with her because when I fist started blogging she was one of the first… Read More My Favorite Accessories


Little White Dress

Hello Everyone! In this season no one can ever go wrong with a white dress, expecially a floral white dress. No one can ever go wrong with a white dress, this one was actually s gift from my best friend when she went to Florida. She was so kind to bring me back something because she thought… Read More Little White Dress


PhamExpo Experience

On Sunday I had the most wonderful chance to attend the Pham Expo in Pasadena and it was fun for everyone and every product involved except for my wallet. The Expo was filled with makeup, special guest like Durrani Napol, makeup lovers and even a few artist who walked around head to toe with makeup!… Read More PhamExpo Experience