Untitled #92
Grunge by Raven Alixis featuring baroque jewelry

Azalea crop top

Green jacket

Short skirt

River Island high heel boots
$61 – riverisland.com

Valentino black bracelet

1 Face digital watch

Gothic jewelry

Topshop necklace

My thoughts when creating this set were a mix between grunge, army and yeezus. Yes Yeezus because I really want Kanye West’s new shoes that i didn’t show in this set, but I want the future outfit to be perfect over the top bow down perfect  because those shoes are perfection.
I would love to see any one try and find a post where I didn’t get off topic when talking about my sets and outfits…..
My favorite set in this piece would be the army jacket for sure because I have wanted an army jacket for the longest time and they are just perfect. Another article of clothing that’s my favorite would be the shoes because they are leather and I absolutely love the look dark leather boots and jackets give off.
Whats your favorite and thoughts?

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