I am probably the last person that should be giving advice about school because I am so lazy but as the start of 2015 my goal is to stop procrastination and being lazy and to get my butt in gear. The last thing I need is to get grounded because of grades now that I have too many projects in 2015 that need to be accomplished. We only have 4 months left so If we don’t start now when will we??

Without further a do here is my school tips for 2015!!!

1. Write everything down

When I say everything I mean everything, your teacher says needs to be put on a post it note or in your planner, because too many times my teacher said we have a test in two days and no one knows what she is talking about. So keep your ears open and listen. 

What ever you write down should not shoved at the bottom of your backpack but should be put on your wall in your room or somewhere you will see it ever single day.

2. Put your phone to use

There are so many apps for school that we ignore and since we are on our phone soooo much on instagram or twitter we don’t notice them. You should download a flashcards app and a planner app on your phone and find a setting that will send you reminders.


who ever invented flashcards deserves a reward because they actually test you to make sure you thoroughly know the information and you can use them anywhere, I don’t know about you but having flashcards on my phone doesn’t really work so buy some flashcards from Cvs or something because they are really inexpensive.

4. Don’t Underestimate Bright Colors.

Don’t underestimate them because they will catch your attention. I don’t know about you but I lose things soooooo much that it is actually really upsetting so what I do is print my study guides in bright colors and I buy bright colored notebooks and folders because who can lose a bright yellow folder. 

Also on the subject of colors pick a color for each subject and get a book cover, notebook and folder that is the same color trust me it helps soooo much.

5. Studying

when studying what I do is different for each subject so I will just go down the line


In my English class we get tested on the books we read and vocabulary so I make flashcards for the vocab and read everything I can online about the book so I know everything about it inside out. That means going on sparknotes and shmoop and finding discussions about the book and taking notes to read back on when you have the big test. It really helps.


practice makes perfect and I am horrible at math so I do the homework the same day it is assigned and ask my friends for help or ask the teacher for help and keep doing extra work in the textbook to get even more extra help.


I really love studying for history because It is just all reading. SO I make flashcards for the vocabulary and voice record myself reading the chapter section by section and play it back while reading in the book. Also go over your notes and make questions out of them then test your self with those questions. And don’t forget to do the study guide and do as much research as you can about the subject, 

I don’t know why but knowing everything inside out and memorizing everything I need to know and beyond helps me so much. Mainly because I feel like an expert…..

6. Get everything done the day it is assigned.

This is an obvious one but it is so over looked. Do your homework when ever you can and try to accomplish it before you leave school. That means doing your homework at lunch if you can or nutrition or the 20 minutes before and after class your teacher waste.

I didn’t notice it before but I have a least two classes where there is so much misspent time in the beginning of class doing nothing. So if you can, use that time because we all know once you get home you want to spend about 1 hour at the fridge or on your phone or watching TV.

7. Give your electronics to your parents or sibling until your done with your work

If someone has it that’s your motivation to get your work done. Make sure that they will actually give it back and that they make sure that your work is done before they do.

8. Clean out your backpack, and binder often.

I mean weekly often. Too many times we have work that get buried in our backpacks or binder, clean it out and have a shoe box or something that you can put it in. Do not throw away any assignments until the semester is over!!!

9. Only keep textbooks in your locker.


10. Stop being scared to ask your teacher for help

whether that’s before, after or during school your teachers are their to help you so ask for that help or you can email them.

11. Sit in the front of the class.

When your away from your friends, you can get stuff done and when your attention is in the front you are less likely to fool around. If you think its nerdy, which would you rather do; be called nerdy or fail all your classes and have to spend 400$ retaking them during the summer.

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