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So spring is basically here and it is getting hotter than ever, especially in California. It is in that annoying part of the year when it is so cold in the morning but really hot when 12 a clock runs in. This part of the year is such a struggle because you have to carry around a sweater all day when it gets hot, but when it is cold and you’re wearing shorts your screwed so I hopefully cam up with a solution.

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With my outfit that I label ” Mid Spring” I wore a light blue jean jacket that kept me warm but not too hot. The black floral short-sleeved shirt that I absolutely love is really thin and is kinda like lace. It was seen through so I wore a black bandeau, because if I didn’t that would be pretty….*fill in the black*.


The shoes I wore with this were just regular black flats. Everything in this outfit is from Forever 21 and its really sad because I need to expand my wardrobe, so hopefully a shopping haul will come

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