it was weird. All day I kept thinking 

Oh heck yeah!! I can’t wait to work out and get all fit and out of breathe and work my muscles!!!

But then when it was time I was literally delaying the whole working out part…. I at least didn’t pull the whole eating junk food and hour before I worked out like I did yesterday, so I was fine.

I had to do yoga today because it’s part of the program and my god it was cray!!! I didn’t understand why they put yoga in a toning up program until I started doing it and my god. My arms felt like they were going tear off and I will never under estimate yoga again. It was only 15minutes but I broke a sweat and I felt my muscles working.

And then I did a 30min workout for the pancake I call a butt since I lagged yesterday. And I couldnt have done it if I didn’t scroll through the fitblr tag on tumblr lol.

Honestly when ever your not in the mode just do that and create Body goals board on Pinterest you should follow mine *wink wink* #shamelesspintrestshoutout 

After only thirty minutes my legs and butt were shaking like crazy, but honestly unless your literally about to die don’t ever stop just slow done because it will get worse if you stop. And only slow down if you for sure can’t take it.

It literally feels like my butt Is going to fall off but I just keep thinking about my dream body

In all today workout wise was productive and surprising in all of it was 45 minutes woot woot lol. I’m actually really surprised in my self even if it’s only the second day.

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