i’m not going to lie I was going to start my post today talking about how boring my day was and enter my little sarcastic, snarky, comments as always. But then I worked out and it was totally different.

My day went from upset that I’m not going skydiving and hang out with my friends every weekend, to happy that I push myself and felt so control of my work out and what I ate today.

Contrary to what I felt in control was because I was studying in the library for five hours plus a two hour nap……

 But regardless of those two (and the fact that I eat white rice which is a doomsday for fitness blog idk why) what I ate today was so healthy, well at least for me it was. For breakfast I had a couple vegetables and white rice, and for lunch I ate frozen smoothie cubes (so freaking good tell me if you guys want a recipe), then for dinner I had tomato soup with pasta.

And during the work out the only reason why I have to stop was to readdress my ponytail, and to fix my weights so they didn’t hurt my hands.

It’s only day three and I’m starting to believe this whole body releasing endorphins while working out thing!!!

Honestly I still have another three weeks left and if I’m feeling this good just moving around and push myself daily to nearly faint for 30 minutes to an hour, 4-5 days a week I can’t wait for next couple weeks to come.

It never gets easier you just get stronger 

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