I am so done with people. So before I get started some of the things I am about to say would be considered um rated pg 13 lol and its a controversial topic. But anyway I was on tumblr and I saw this guy totally going off on a girl after she asked for some explicit advice. *clears throat* about the shaving you know where and another guy being there and um yeah.

Keep in mind that there was recently a shooting of a black church which resulted in nine people being murdered by a white male. He was just now caught and charged. This said tumblr user was obviously upset about the whole thing and decided to go off on this poor girl who was probably nervous and scared and confused. in my opinion i feel like he was trying to be cool

I saw this and didn’t hold back because I hate when people get picked on, bullied and everything along those lines. So i said that just because he is taking what happened at the church really badly does not mean he can go off on people especially this girl who was obviously going through something and decided to ask him for help. This was the clean version because I was so mad I was literally shaking in anger, here is the convo

He persisted to say how i was probably white…..

how are you going to have a blog about not being racist but you say something like this!!! what does me possibly being white have to do with anything. He is being a total hypocrite and he knows dang well that he was wrong about the hole thing. This just further proves how immature he is and he needs to shut it down.

He is seriously is stupid, I know this you know this but he doesn’t.

People like him whether your black white Indian Mexican anything, if you have this train of thought then  your the reason why racism is still alive today. I am one of those people that think that racism will never die because lets face it, it wont. But I do believe that it can be watered down and not taken to a point that people will be discriminated against, fights will start and people will have their life’s taken away. You cant just be blind to the fact that someone is a different color than you but you can decided how your going to take that information but what you do with it puts out what your character is.

He then tried to make a weak argument saying that I’m 15 and if he doesn’t want to answer an ask he doesn’t.

First of all the fact that a 15 year old has more common sense, respect and knowledge that you shouldn’t go off on people when your mad means that you need to get you morals in check and also the fact that he took the time to stalk this blog to find out how old I am is kind of creepy.

am I right or am I right

I honestly feel like he knew he was wrong but didn’t want to get off his high tower.

The fact that he called me wrong for saying if “If you want people to stop discriminating against black people don’t discriminating against white people” and called me ignorant because of it!!! Really!! How is that ignorant. From his point of view he probably thinks white people started it but what he needs to do is going back to high school and focus on his test. If he really thinks that which I am assuming he does he needs to remember that it was African Americans who sent a majority of there own people to be slaves. Or did he forget that because he probably didn’t finish high school with a gpa higher than a 1.8. And for all you know your best friends great grandparents since your family over here. How do you feel now?

And for you to stoop down to the racist people level makes you worse then them. So log off and go pick up a book



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