Honestly I love big t shirts. There comfortable and to me is an alternative to a warm blanket. ( maybe I’m just the only one…) But we were doing the laundry and my brother was just like I don’t want this shirt I wore it last year.


Is it just me who finds that funny lol. Like not even I would say that!!! I literally hate throwing away clothes and I will literally try to keep the article of clothing until its a string and even then I’ll use it to make another piece of clothing with my sewing machine, that I am still trying to figure out how to use. Maybe I should start of with not using string to sew with….

Either way this look is really lay back and something I would wear if I was doing something really relaxed like going to a friends house or park because why not lol. And these shoes though, these perfect piece of heaven that I got from the mall like a week ago make this a little bit more creative and stylish 😉

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