The end of the month is here and to say I am shocked is an under statement. Why is the world moving so fast!! Literally every time I blink we are done with a month.

Even though this month was done with before I can say snicker doodle lol I gathered some favorites of mine.

Street Style: Hats ❤️

I gathered a liking to the whole street style look and hates that I make sure to fastened backwards made there way in my wardrobe, but not on my blog sadly 😢 ( stay tuned though 😉)

Black Boots ❤️


And I know you guys roll your eyes every time I slam these boots onto a post but they are just so adorable. From the sleek exterior to the wooden heel I just couldn’t get enough of my black boots!!

Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara & Long Lasting Eyeliner High Precision Brush 


Wow that’s a mouth full

Then we have my favorite liquid eye liner and macara that did the job right even though I still have trouble with it sometimes, but for the eye liner I like to think I’m getting better with it with time. ( maybe a few makeup looks in the future?)

Michael Khors Handbag


My first designer bag will always be my favorite expectally since it was black and gold which is always undeniably good together, and you can wear it everywhere!! Do I still need to explain myself or??…

Getting Revenge On Laurn Wood by Eileen Cook


Just because it’s summer does not mean I shouldn’t be reading any time that I can!! Always try to sneak it a book every now and then. Getting Revenge On Laurn Wood is probably my favorite book and I really recommend it especially if you are a teenager in high school

Trust me. Read it

Those are just some of my June favorites because if I included all of them it would be around 50

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