Okay so as we covered before there is no reason to miss a work out unless something tragic happens…

And it’s the second month of the summer and you need to keep that body in tact lol
These work outs Are what I collected from the ones I’ve done from previous workout and even what I do in my dance class. I recommend to repet 2-3 times twice a day. I usually do it when ever I’m watching tv and then before I go to bed. Yes you can do them anytime any where no excuses!!

So here is a collection of what I do!! And if you don’t know how to do it just google it, honestly it’s kind of self explanatory well some are and at the end you wil break a sweat! Good luck!!

32 – 16 – 8 – 4 – 2 – 1 x2 crunches

Start with your back and feet on the floor and knees to the ceiling

Then feet up in front of you pointed and legs at 90 degree angle

Then feet pointed to the sky

So you would do all of that 32 then from the beging 16 and so on


 Russian twist


leg lifts

Go on your side and lift your leg up while flexing and going down pointing

50 each side



Don’t forget to squeeze your butt going up and don’t let your butt touch the floor keep it centimeters from doing so

fire hydrants

The trick is to go high and as fast as you can

50 each side

 heel kicks

50 each side

•  squats


• pulse lunges

1min each side

And repeat!!

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